Jet-set or BUST!

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Trying to define what it means to be 'jet-set' isn't as easy as one might think. However, it's essential to clearly define what it means to the demographic as a whole because looking jet-set is at the organic heart of how ADMIRED GLOBAL was born.

Online resources define being jet-set (or those who are jet-setters) as, "Of or pertaining to a person/group of wealthy individual(s) who travel globally, especially by private jet, to frequent fashionable resorts, social events, and the like." Without a shadow of doubt I can whole-heartedly agree with this description; however, I would expand into the direction of those of us who've mastered the art of "looking" jet-set. This is tantamount in why ADMIRED GLOBAL was birthed.

It is not as difficult as you'd think to achieve the look of being internationally well-traveled, and giving an outward reflection indicating as much. It is one way to be 'Admired Global.' More specifically, being 'Admired Global' is to latch into what it is that you specifically admire and reflect this outwardly in how you present yourself. Remember that over 75% of what is communicated to others around us directly pertains to the NON-Verbal! And, as we all have heard, you only get one chance to make a first impression! So, seizing the opportunity to reflect what it is we personally hold steadfast in admiration and, in turn, make choices in how and what we wear sends a strong and impressionable message about what moves and motivates us. Bringing it full-circle, the synergy of influence perpetuates those around us to look at us with admiration and subsequently choose to imitate us-because we have become the object of admiration!

So you can now see that ADMIRED GLOBAL isn't just a luxury accessories and fashion brand: it is an actual state of mind and outward reflection containing confidence about our individuality!

Having explained this in more detail, I'm hopeful that the statement, "Always Be ADMIRED GLOBAL" carries more meaning and empowers a sense of unique autonomy while being an influencer unto yourself!

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