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Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Truly, I can barely hold on as the ramp-up for the Grande Premiere Launch continues to move faster than I can get to this blog and keep everyone along for the 'ride'!

Okay, the big updates: I've got a video-shoot and photo-shoot both scheduled for this Tuesday, the 19th of March. This will produce the materials for future marketing to the luxury boutiques and retailers who want to carry ADMIRED GLOBAL, as well as help catapult it to household name recognition. I'm partnering with #ChrisGosnellPhotography (also an eWomenNetwork member-she's simply Brilliant!) She is legendary for her work throughout Colorado and has a clear vision of what ADMIRED GLOBAL is aiming for.

Next, I've just ordered 100 - yes 100! - new handbags and clutches. OMGosh, you are going to simply melt (or drool) when you see my newest designs! They'll be here in time for the Success Summit, and for your purchasing indulgence. I'd post pictures - I really shouldn't...oh okay, just a few!! (see below)

Next and very excitedly - the music which will be the mixed bed of awesome-ness to drive the crowd wild and make the models dance is being collaborated creatively with DMD Productions. He's got a tremendous amount of personal push and power behind everything he creates so it promises to be smash-tastic!! #DMDproductions

And, I finally have my three Haute Custom Couture gowns paired with their models: all the same height ans approximate size as me, all entirely ADMIRED GLOBAL! China, Poland, and yours truly American-Luxembourger represented as the international launch of a global brand is presented in A+ style!

Remember, Always Be "ADMIRED GLOBAL!"

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