Welcome to ADMIRED GLOBAL-and to a Brand New Way of "Being"

Well, it's here, whether I am ready or not! It's exactly one month until the official Grande Premiere Launch (GPL) of an international fashion brand-more specifically, my international brand. This prompts a real sense of urgency within me: I want to get everyone up to speed with a stranger-than fiction journey that has plopped us squarely upon launching a global brand, ADMIRED GLOBAL.

Since it is nearly the end of Day 31, let's keep this rookie blog entry brief for the sake of us all; but I'd like to leave your interest piqued -at least dripping with a little anticipation!

This countdown descends through all the days of the 'month' as March has 31 days, today the 10th, (2019) makes the big day of ADMIRED GLOBAL's Grande Premiere Launch (GPL) on April 10th, 2019.

The eye-candy I'm dying for you all to sneak a peak at is seen at the Instagram account #AdmiredGlobal (very rough and rookie, so forgive me in advance!) However, if a sophisticated and quality 'bling' appeals to your person style, there abounds choices which will truly appeal to your fine and unique taste. The handbags and clutches are treasures which I've uncovered overseas in my travels through the middle east. If something catches your eye do not hesitate to let me know, as I am only selling privately until the GPL.

Cheers and ciao for now, and remembers, Always Be "ADMIRED GLOBAL" (that definition is coming tomorrow!)

Hand-beaded with 1,000's of beads front and back, this clutch rocks any formal occassion or jeans and a Tee (your choice of heels or boots, girls!)

ADMIRED GLOBAL: Looking jet-set has never been so easy. We are the premier location to find fashion from all across the globe.

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