Zoom, Zoom, Zooooom!!!

I have always loved the "#Zoom!" song from the first time I ever heard it on the Mazda advertising campaign several years ago. It's what made me want that Mazda 3, prompting me to test-drive my first car at a dealership ever (although in the end there was no money in my piggy bank to actually buy it.)

I'm re-claiming that song as my moment-by-moment personal theme song so as to put a positive and intentionally slower beat as my mental music-bed. If I didn't try to slow my mind these intense ramp-up days to my sponsorship of the #eWomenNetwork #10thAnnualSuccessSummit being held in Colorado Springs (#eWNcoloradosprings) I think I would get the antithetical accomplished of what must be accomplished by April 10th: a fully baked plan to execute a thoroughly cooked #ADMIREDGLOBAL Grande Premiere Launch (#AGGPL)!

I've been calling things 'half-baked' in conversation without for 2-3 months when referring to the visible progress of AG's marketing and availability to interested parties without the cannabis reference commonly associated with being "baked"- and as a Colorado resident it's especially #comical (at the very least to myself!) Nonetheless, I continue to use it. Let's call this #GPL of a #luxurybrand a gourmet patisserie multi-tier cake image instead, shall we?

The cake is starting to take a lovely form, but it's definitely not ready to be sliced: the center is entirely batter still. I have to figure out how to best light a #catwalk, with professional video and #photography marketing as the needed results. All ideas welcome please (keeping budget in mind)!

Further, I do not want to to wait on designing marketing to get to the printers' who will need plenty of lead-time. I made this mistake with the Bridal Expo the last week-end of February; not again! More #luxurious business cards with foil print and embossing, product tags, tags to attach to clothing with care and product details, and table tent copy with hi-rez pictures of ADMIRED GLOBAL's products (see draft photos attached to this entry by Chris Gosnell Photography in Colorado Springs!) I certainly could think of more things, but that is a double-edged sword of spending more money!

Back to "zooming" through my days. Though I've never seen the Exorcist (nor have I wanted to) I can relate to the scene where her head spins around multiple times. Fortunately, mine stays attached as well, and I'm more easily brought back to reality. The head-spinning moments these days are stabilized with the clarity of repeating to myself, "only do what is right in front of you right now." ( #SandraYancey)

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